Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Up for a Challenge????

Hey girls!! Im looking for some beauties to take on some challenges! I will be posting twice a month an Outfit Challenge (which I will also be participating in).  These challenges will include Trends for the current season.  I would like for you to put together an outfit, take pics and email them to me along with a small description of what you are wearing and where it can be purchased.  I will then upload those pics to this blog. Sounds fun right?! I think it is important for us to show each other what we can come up with to inspire each other! Stay tuned for the first challenge :)

You can email me at tasha.fatgirlfresh@gmail.com you will be notified before your pics are uploaded!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pink Fridays!!!

Ok. So I know today is Sunday but these pics were from Friday.. hence the title Pink Fridays lol.  My brother and I decided to go have a few drinks, and of course I was 100% clueless as to what I was going to wear.  It was raining extremely hard and I was just NOT in the mood to get dressed.  Once the mamosas started flowing I just went with it.  Everything I wore I already had except for the black skirt.  I purchased that a week before. So basically what Im trying to say is, sometimes the days when your just not "into it" are your best days! By the time we left the house I felt sexy, confident and of course Fresh! (cheesy I know but I had to throw in fresh for ya's lol). Take a look!

Denim shirt-Rainbow
Sheer Animal Print Blouse- Rainbow
Black Lace Cover Skirt/Necklace- Burlington Coat Factory
Pink Snake Skin Clutch-Dots
Shoes- Shoe Department
Ring- Charlotte Rouse
Earrings- Beauty Supply

Fresh Start!

Heyyy People! First let me say Thank you sooo much for stopping by my blog! My reasoning for starting a Plus size Fashion Blog was to not only inspire myself, but to inspire other Plus Size women to not accept the bad fashion society throws on us.  I have been frustrated all of my life with the choice of clothes local clothing stores put out for us to choose from.  Its just not right! So I decided to take the "ugly fat people" clothes (come on you know what I mean lol) and turn them into something amazing.. something FRESH!  So feel free to take a look at the pics, comment, and subscribe. If you have any ideas that you would like to see me try or talk about, email me.. I would love to hear from you.