Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weight loss

I haven't really said anything on the blog but for those who communicate with me on fb,twitter, and IG know that I've been trying to get a little more in shape. I do not have a weight goal, my goal has just been to stay active, eat a little healthier and loose my belly a bit. I will forever be a plus size women and I am ok with that. That is who I am, so I am no way SHAPE or form trying to change that. I have been very active working out and its paying off! I am down 15lbs since the beginning of September!

My workout routine usually consists of:

45min on the elliptical
25 squats
3 sets of 5 kick backs
70 Crunches (with feet up or on the wall)
5 girl push ups
Taking a 3+mile walk about once a week (which I haven't done in about 2 weeks)
Yesterday I switched to:
Every other day:
30mins on ellipitcal ( adding more resistance and moving faster)
15 mins on tredmill of 3 min walking followed by 1 min of jogging and repeating for 15 mins
50 squats a day (25 in am and 25 at night)
100 crunches a day (50 in am and 50 at night)
10 girl push ups a day
Pic on the left 9/26 Pic on the right 11/10