Sunday, April 1, 2012

I heart Dr. Rey!

First let me just say... Dr. Rey is now and will forever be my HOMEBOY! lol seriously! I was on the hunt this weekend for a really good shape wear piece.  I found one on Torrid that looked pretty bad a$$ but was priced at $88! I had to do some searching before I was ready to pump out that much money (and it not be on gas!).  A friend of mine told me about Dr. Rey's line of shape wear that is sold in Sears.  I went and purchased this High Waist Step in Shape wear.  It was priced at $47.00 in the store but when the cashier scanned it, it turned out to be $28.50!!! I almost passed out lol.  Its amazing! From the picture I was a little sceptical it wouldn't fit right since there were no straps to hold it up and not roll over my tummy.  Once I tried it on it fit perfect! The waist comes all the way up to my bra and does not slide down, its extremely comfortable. The only concern I do have is the shorts are kind of long, which is great when wearing jeans but summer is coming and I need my legs out! lol So my next purchase will be the Dr.Rey's Sculpted Bottom Women's Brief which is on sale for $31.15! Oh by the way, I bought this in a size 3x and I may have been able to get away with a 2x but I wanted to make sure after its washed and dried I won't need my 2 roommates to get me back in it!

Sorry for the crappy pics :(

This is the High Waist Step In

This is the Sculpted Bottom Women's Brief that I need!


  1. I bought a REALLY cheap one from Citi Trends but, I love Sears so I may check it out!

    E. Louise

    1. Really?! I may have to look into that! Thanks!