Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What about US?!

I was sitting here thinking about shopping.. of course right? But seriously, most plus size females I know HATE the mall and don't dare step foot in a mall if they are shopping for themselves. Honestly, I don't blame you.  Most people don't understand how upsetting, embarrassing, frustrating (I'm sure you can think of a few more words) it is when you walk in to a store and a sales associate tells you they don't carry your size. To me I hear "NO YOU CAN'T SHOP HERE"!  I mean really? My money is green just like the girl who wears a size 5, is my money not good enough? It really sets fire to my soul. So now my question is WHAT ABOUT US? Whats an alternative?

Well we get the pleasure to be different. Mix pieces we like, to come up with something that is original and speaks to our own personal style. I came up with a list of a few places I have shopped at in the past and cant wait to shop at in the future, places that carry plus size and extended sizes. Take a browse!

Stores                                                Online
Torrid                                                                             Fashion To Figure
Lane Bryant                                                                   Asos
Ashley Stewart                                                              Aeropastale (up to 18)
Old Navy                                                                       Old Navy (extended plus)
H+M                                                                             Gap (up to 20)
Forever 21                                                                    American Eagle (up to 18)
Target                                                                           We Love Colors
TJ Maxx                                                                        Eddy&Bri
Burlington Coat factory                                                  Dr.Jays
Rainbow                                                                        Macy's
Charlotte Russe                                                            17 Sundays
Macy's                                                                          Evans

*Note* When shopping online make sure to check the sizing chart, what may be a 2x on one site may actually be a 16/18.


  1. Thank you for the list of online stores, I'm super late because I've never heard of Eddy&Bri but I'm checking them out now! =)

    1. Your welcome! Im sure there are lots more..

    2. Yes I hate that that is the very reason I don't step foot in Malls.......if I'm too fat for you to sell my size I"m too good to give you ANY of my money

    3. I know thats right!... Im all late and wrong.. haha