Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend!

Hello beauties!! I am back to reality in Raleigh after a loooonnnnnggg crazy weekend in Myrtle Beach! Bike week was bananas, but it was definitely an experience I will never forget lol. Most of you know during this week most people wear close to nothing the entire weekend.  Of course I wasn't about to join that crowd so I did my own thing and just dressed comfy all weekend. I didn't take as many outfit shots as I know I should have but I took a couple. I searched and searched to find some Fresh a$$ Curvy girls but that was like finding a needle in a hay stack! Damn near impossible lol. smh but I did run into one in the club and I really liked the way she threw her outfit together so I took a pic of her for you guys to see (no shame in my game lol). I'm extremely beat right now so I dont really have much to say, lol.. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! :)

Skirt was a dress from Fashion to Figure, threw a tank over (oldnavy) to wear as a skirt.

Dress- Oldnavy
Belt- From another Dress

Skirt/dress- Oldnavy
Top- A scarf from burlington Coat Factory

My top that I made from my scarf!
Scarf- Burlington Coat Factory

Here is Ms. Stacy! Loved how she accessorized this dress with gold and wore a pink shoe!


  1. I loove the purple skirt w scarf top that look was everything!! Gorgeous darling

  2. the purple and leopard "top" is my favorite outfit. super cute.


  3. I love the purple dress with cheetah on top, its so cute!