Monday, June 25, 2012

Melody Ehsani

Stumbled across this jewelry designer on Instagram and I fell in love! I NEEEEED (and will purchase) a few of her pieces.. Im a fiend for a big chunky dope a$$ ring as well as ear rings and this is what she specializes in. ME also does customized pieces. You can take a look Here or peep my wish list below :)

My Wish list

3 finger ring

2 finger ring

"Fuck off" For the days you cant say it! ha!

Well would look at that... rhi rhi ON!


  1. I love her accessories! I've been stalking her website for some time now.

    1. I just found her the other day, a little pricey though.

    2. VERY! Which is why they are still sitting in my favorites. Lol