Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One Last Night out!

That was fast right? Another post? lol.. Well I figured it would be too much to put in one post so I broke it up. My girlfriend from New Jersey was here for the weekend, so when we got back from Myrtle beach she wanted to go out one last time! Now last night was a struggle for me. I could not get right! I was tired, exhausted, drained, all of that and had to figure out what to wear. I don't know if its just me but when that happens I get anxiety lol, yes it's that serious. I hate when everybody knows what they are wearing and I'm still sitting there looking around like wth? But I got it together and this is what I came up with. The pics are kind of dark so you can't see the detail in the shoe too good so I uploaded a previously taken pic of the shoe. Enjoy

Top- Dress from Fashion to Figure
Skirt- Burlington Coat factory
Cheetah Belt- Dots
Shoes- Rainbow

Memorial Day Weekend!

Hello beauties!! I am back to reality in Raleigh after a loooonnnnnggg crazy weekend in Myrtle Beach! Bike week was bananas, but it was definitely an experience I will never forget lol. Most of you know during this week most people wear close to nothing the entire weekend.  Of course I wasn't about to join that crowd so I did my own thing and just dressed comfy all weekend. I didn't take as many outfit shots as I know I should have but I took a couple. I searched and searched to find some Fresh a$$ Curvy girls but that was like finding a needle in a hay stack! Damn near impossible lol. smh but I did run into one in the club and I really liked the way she threw her outfit together so I took a pic of her for you guys to see (no shame in my game lol). I'm extremely beat right now so I dont really have much to say, lol.. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! :)

Skirt was a dress from Fashion to Figure, threw a tank over (oldnavy) to wear as a skirt.

Dress- Oldnavy
Belt- From another Dress

Skirt/dress- Oldnavy
Top- A scarf from burlington Coat Factory

My top that I made from my scarf!
Scarf- Burlington Coat Factory

Here is Ms. Stacy! Loved how she accessorized this dress with gold and wore a pink shoe!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Love!

How was every one's weekend? Mine was great!! Friday and Saturday are like the best days of the week (which I refer to as my special days lol)! I went thrifting on Friday and found a denim shirt in the men's department and another maxi skirt. I cut off the sleeves of the denim shirt to give it a little edge. Any who... I went out this weekend had a good time but Saturday was the best! My cousin and I went out, watched my boys (Oklahoma Thunder) beat the Lakers and partied hard afterwards! I probably should have stayed home and rested this weekend since next weekend my girls and I are going to Myrtle Beach for Bike week! My first time ever and I don't know if I'm more excited to see all the half dressed sexy men or the craziness I'm about to witness lol. Either way I'm amped! All this rambling and I know y'all just wanna see the pics.. lol well here they are from Saturday, Enjoy!

Denim Shirt- Thrifted for $2
Floral dress- Rainbow
Wedges- Shoe Department
Necklace- Burlington Coat Factory
Bag- Rainbow
Studs- Beauty Supply

Starting to get a hang of this make up thing :)

Stay Beautiful and Confident Ladies!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Friday my cousin and I went out for lunch and cocktails. Like always I never know what I'm going to wear until last minute, and this outfit was a shocker! The purple maxi skirt is actually a purple maxi dress. lol Its from Old Navy and was purchased like years ago.. its been worn out and has shrunk a bit so wearing it as a dress is a big NO for me. I pulled it down a bit, added a cheetah print waist belt, my Marilyn Tank, some funky jewelry and BAM!! My jewelry is from Burlington Coat Factory, necklace was thrifted for $2!!!! Also, I have on a pair of black sandals. 

Marilyn Monroe Tank- Forever 21
Maxi skirt/dress- Old Navy
Cheetah Belt- Dots
Earrings/Bangles- Burlington Coat factory
Necklace- Thrifted
Bag- Old Navy
Shades- Aldo


Monday, May 7, 2012


This past weekend I was able to do a little shopping.  I was supposed to only be buying stuff for my mini vaycay coming at the end of this month, but when I see something I like, I can't fight the urge to buy it! I seen a long Aztec like maxi skirt in Old Navy for $30!! That skirt was soooo friggin cute, but I was just NOT about to spend $30 on a ON skirt. (I'm Cheap)! lol so I went thrifting! Found this skirt for $2.50! Can't beat that with a bat! I haven't actually worn it yet but I was just too excited about it so I threw a few outfits together just to show you guys how great thrifting is! Hope you enjoy.. oh yea please excuse how I look, I was also playing around with some new make up I purchased this morning lol.

Upclose of the print 

1. Floral Lace Tee- Rainbow
    Brown Belt from another dress

2. Hiked up the skirt and added a Black Skinny belt for definition

3. Now for my favorite look!
    Denim shirt- Rainbow
    White Tank- Forever21


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fashion Inspiration!

Asa Soltan Rahmati
Casted on Bravo's Shas of Sunset, singer and artist!

I absolutely LOVE Asa! She wears her free spirit on her sleeve.. literally.  She is the main reason I watched the whole season of Shas of Sunset.  She's not your typical size 5, and wears her curves well! I will for sure be recreating a few of her looks sometime this summer! Here a few more of her pics and some videos. Her music is very creative, slightly weird but I still love it!

Love this song- GOLD
LA River