Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hippie Dreams

Good Morning ladies! It's been like forever since I did an outfit post, I feel. I'm in the process of moving so my motivation has been a little slack lately. This outfit was kind of a hippie inspired look that I've been wanting to try (sometimes I feel like I could have been a hippie in my previous life lol). Any who the shorts I made are from an old, old pair of jeans I got from DOTS like 3-4yrs ago, crop top is from Charlotte Russe (size XL) which brings up an important point... When shopping try to keep an open mind and go in EVERY store even if they don't have plus size, or may even be a men's store.. my point is you just never know what you may find or fit. DIY turban made from my favorite scarf seen here and here. I also tried pin curling my hair and um as you can see that was a complete #fail.. but if at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again, and that's what I did.. lol Day 2 was alot better! Hope you ladies enjoy the rest of your week :)

What curls??
My photographer/dope ass brother on break!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Melody Ehsani

Stumbled across this jewelry designer on Instagram and I fell in love! I NEEEEED (and will purchase) a few of her pieces.. Im a fiend for a big chunky dope a$$ ring as well as ear rings and this is what she specializes in. ME also does customized pieces. You can take a look Here or peep my wish list below :)

My Wish list

3 finger ring

2 finger ring

"Fuck off" For the days you cant say it! ha!

Well would look at that... rhi rhi ON!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fashion Inspiration.... Rihanna!

How can you not love her?!?! In my opinion, everything about her is the sh*t! From her style, beauty, and attitude, she gives me life. When she first came out she was this cute little Caribbean chick everybody loved, then she went to this dark place and kind of freaked me out a bit lol, but now... now she's back and slaying it with her style! I've always wanted to try and re-create a few of her looks and I have a very strong feeling this summer you guys will see alot of that from me!

Love these shades!!

DIY studded shorts, funky tank

RiRi and another one of my fav chicks M.I.A.

1. DIY Flag shorts 2. Denim rugged vest 3. Camo Cap

Miss these two together

“Who wants to be bashed every day of their f**king lives?  That’s not fun. “Today I could eat an apple, and ten people like it and one will not. The next day I could do shots and five people will like it and five won’t. What’s important is, you never know. You can’t do it for the reaction because it’s never going to be the same. I learned to live my life with the blinders on." -Rihanna

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thank YOU!!

First let me just say I am so appreciative for the 123 likes on fb, all of 19 of you guys on my blog, my twitter followers as well as instagram. I never thought anyone would actually care to look or read about what I'm trying to accomplish. Please know, I read and respond to every comment because I care. This blog isn't just about me, it's about all of us trying to fight this fight of bad fashion. So thank you soo much for the support and positive feed back. Now enough with all that mushy mushy sh*t lol.. the winner is...

Ms. Juicy Carter!!

Thanks for entering girls! More give aways to come, stay tuned :)

Stay Blessed and Confident ladies!

In Love with Polyvore!!

Sophisticated Safari

Ok I don't know where I have been the past few years but um Polyvore is awesome! If you're on, follow me.. Fatgirlfresh I definitely follow back! Love seeing all the different possibilities, and I'm loving this one I created earlier today! A nice fun evening outfit for summer!

Monday, June 4, 2012

$25 Forever21 Giftcard Giveaway!!!

So I finally hit 100 likes on Face book and I'm so appreciative.. (and hype lol) I decided to do a tiny tiny give away! If you are interested in entering this contest here are the rules:

1. Like my Face book Fan Page Fat Girl Fresh- 1 entry

2. Follow me on twitter www.twitter.com/fatgirl_fresh - 1 entry

3. Subscribe to this blog- 2 entries

 4. Share this page on your face book page-1 entry

Comment below so I can see that you have entered!

If you do all 4 your name will be entered 5 times!!! The winner will be announced Sunday June 10,2012!!!

Good Luck Ladies!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Custom Plus Tee Giveaway!

I won a customized T-shirt Giveaway from Custom Plus via Kellie B.  and it finally came in the mail! I love their tees, they are sooo soft,comfortable and also very true to size! I will definitely order another! Check them out!