Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Me vs Me

Good afternoon Loves! Today I sat down at my computer and was about to order my dress for my birthday (August 14th) from Asos and had a great idea! First let me rewind... a few weeks ago on my FB page I posted pics of a few dresses from different sites to get every one's opinion as to which one I should order. Now that I am actually thinking about it, I may not have time to wait for a dress to come in the mail... and hate praying that it fits the way I need it to. This is where the light bulb goes off... The whole point of Fat Girl Fresh was to challenge myself to dress better with what I have or find pieces that are at an affordable price. So what better idea then to create something amazing for my bday. I mean how much creativity am I using by buying something that is already put together? Wish me luck Dolls! :)

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