Monday, July 2, 2012

My weekend -Instagram

I had an awesome chill weekend. Relaxed at home, packed some more, went thrifting and went to a couple bars. Thrifting was great! I managed to get a camo Jacket, some fabric for a skirt I'm making, a purse and some jeans.  The jeans I purchased were a bit small for me ( can't button them lol), but I will still cut, stud and distress them and post them to see if anyone is interested in them, they may fit a size 18/20. This weekend I kinda just went with the fun playful look. That's been my mood lately, not sure if its because I've  been on vacation from work or I'm really starting to let loose. For those who don't know, yes I am a stress box and this whole fashion thing has really allowed me to loosen up! So here a few pics from my Instagram this weekend. If your on IG check me out Fat Girl Fresh :)


Camo Jacket/Gold Chain- Thrifted Leggings- Rainbow Tank- Forever21

Tank- Old Navy Shorts- DIY


  1. I'm feeling these looks with the fitted caps!!cute

    1. Thanks girl! I had alot of fun with these looks too!