Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Me vs Me

Good afternoon Loves! Today I sat down at my computer and was about to order my dress for my birthday (August 14th) from Asos and had a great idea! First let me rewind... a few weeks ago on my FB page I posted pics of a few dresses from different sites to get every one's opinion as to which one I should order. Now that I am actually thinking about it, I may not have time to wait for a dress to come in the mail... and hate praying that it fits the way I need it to. This is where the light bulb goes off... The whole point of Fat Girl Fresh was to challenge myself to dress better with what I have or find pieces that are at an affordable price. So what better idea then to create something amazing for my bday. I mean how much creativity am I using by buying something that is already put together? Wish me luck Dolls! :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Apples and Pears..

Good afternoon loves! If you follow me on facebook you would remember one of my readers that I met up with on 4th of July Ms. Alexa! She is actually becoming a good friend. But any who, she invited me out to a charity dinner, then to a nice Lounge for live music. It was an interesting night to say the least lol. Alexa recently lost 85lbs and is getting her swirl back, she looked amazing in her dress! I decided to go all black, I've been wanting to try all black for sometime and just never got to it. I had to of course match my earrings with my toesies lol. I was playing around with lip liners and lipsticks and came up with this "Plum Purple" color by using my NYX Electric Blue lip liner, and my Black Radiance #5003 lip stick. Its sorta like a magenta pink. Oh and my photographer has been fired! He's always MIA when I need him lol, so sorry for only one outfit pic, in the dark.

Faux reptile print Tube top- Dots (super old)
Leggings- Rainbow
Black Platform Sandal- Rainbow
Earrings- Charlotte Russe

Can ya guess who is the pear and who is the apple?? lol

Confession* When Im bored I play dress up!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Outfit Rewind..

Hey Loves! Really quick I wanted to show you guys an outfit that was worn before and how I switched it up to fit summer and give a slightly different feel to it. Outfit seen here.

Yea I think I'm the sh*t because I got this smokey eye thing down!! lol
*Accessories are so important, yes these are very simple looks but as you can see they can be switched up just by accessorizing*

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fall 2012 Fashion Trends...

As I swiftly move through this fashion journey of mine, I'm realizing I don't really like trends or care to follow them. But it is nice to know whats considered "in" during any given season. Summer is going by so fast and this is a good time to start building your fall wardrobe or start deciding what you want to start bringing to the front of your closet. According to Marie Claire these are the trends for Fall 2012:

Black & Blue
Reptile Print
Winter White (yes even after Labor Day)

So I must say I like them except for the whole burgundy thing.. Not too sure how I feel about that one lol. 

                                                            Stay Confident and Beautiful xoxo

Monday, July 2, 2012

My weekend -Instagram

I had an awesome chill weekend. Relaxed at home, packed some more, went thrifting and went to a couple bars. Thrifting was great! I managed to get a camo Jacket, some fabric for a skirt I'm making, a purse and some jeans.  The jeans I purchased were a bit small for me ( can't button them lol), but I will still cut, stud and distress them and post them to see if anyone is interested in them, they may fit a size 18/20. This weekend I kinda just went with the fun playful look. That's been my mood lately, not sure if its because I've  been on vacation from work or I'm really starting to let loose. For those who don't know, yes I am a stress box and this whole fashion thing has really allowed me to loosen up! So here a few pics from my Instagram this weekend. If your on IG check me out Fat Girl Fresh :)


Camo Jacket/Gold Chain- Thrifted Leggings- Rainbow Tank- Forever21

Tank- Old Navy Shorts- DIY